LIFE GROUPS  Wednesday nights @ 6:30 PM

None of us are where we should be in our walks with Jesus. Life groups is a place where we try to get more serious about following him, together. We ask questions, we practice vulnerability, and we encourage each other as we seek to follow Jesus more faithfully. Life groups isn’t just for spiritual giants, as if there are any, it’s for anyone who wants to follow Jesus, do so better, and do so alongside other people striving for the same.

BIBLE STUDY  Sunday mornings @ 9:30 AM

The Bible is one grand story of God on a mission to bring back people, along with all things, to himself. Every book, chapter, and verse in the Bible fits into this narrative and is ultimately about Jesus. The Bible may not answer every specific question we have like, “Who should I date?” But among other things, it does answer lives most important questions: who God is, who we are, and what in the world are we here for? Join us on Sunday mornings as we dive into Scripture to see what it says about God, what it says about us, and what that means for our lives.


We offer a variety of activities including beach trips, Emerald Pointe, Carowinds, lock-ins, concerts, camps, and conferences. We also believe serving is a crucial part of following Jesus and so we offer various service opportunities in our community, in our country, and around the world.


We have activities several times a month where we just hang out, serve someone, or do something spontaneous.

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